Global Climate and Concrete Association aspires to deliver society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050

“The 2050 climate ambition represents our industry’s commitment to further reducing emissions and ensuring that the vital product we provide can be delivered on a carbon-neutral basis by 2050. There is a significant challenge involved in doing so and achieving alignment across our industry in a sustainable way The way forward is an important first step. However, we cannot succeed alone and by launching our ambition statement we are also highlighting the need for our industry to work collaboratively with other stakeholders in support of our ambition for a more sustainable future. “Says Mr. Albert Manifold, President GCCA and CEO of CRH PLC

The role of concrete in the modern world

The world population is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion people by 2050, 68% of whom will live in urban areas. These increases will drive critical demand for infrastructure in the coming decades, from clean water, effective sanitation, safe housing, and vital transportation networks.

At the same time, there is a growing need for resilient construction to protect our cities and the natural environment from a changing climate.

As the most widely used man-made product in the world, concrete is vital to meeting these challenges. Its inherent properties mean that it will play a key role in sustainable development:

Its safety qualities make it resistant to fire, weather and flooding.

Provides thermal mass in buildings and stiffness in road construction, reducing energy demand.

It has essential qualities that enable other sectors, such as the renewable energy industry, to meet their climate goals by delivering key infrastructure.

Concrete is a highly versatile building material with infinite mixes and shapes that allows designers and builders to use these qualities in the most material efficient way.

It can be reused and at the end of its useful life and can be completely recycled.

“As we face the challenges for future generations and begin the global economic recovery, concrete will be even more critical to building the sustainable world of tomorrow. That’s why we are making this commitment today, to bring our crucial industry in line with global goals, including the Paris Agreement. Concrete has a vital role to play in addressing the need for sustainable communities and prosperity. It is a key ingredient of infrastructure, homes, clean water, and community resilience as our climate changes. Crucially, it will also help ease the transition to clean / green energy. We believe this journey will be challenging, but we are fully committed to working together with our members, partners and stakeholders across the industry and supply chain to achieve this ambition. ” Says Mr. Dinah McLeod, CEO of GCCA

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