Electric scooters and micro-mobility solutions are still relatively new to the road, but their history has moved on at a rapid pace. So far, however, we hadn’t seen anything like the new Kobra, an Italian electric scooter designed to ensure the safety of a real motorcycle both in town and off-road.

After great works and efforts for years, Kobra is ready for its debut. It arose out of the need to face the urban jungle in a safe and agile way. The e-scooter is equipped with a front wheel with a large radius that provides additional stability, a motorcycle-inspired steel frame and a double disc brake in combination with an electronic brake.

As per the information from Kobra team, the project started 1 and half year ago, with the active support of Triride, an Italian company leader in the market of electric devices for people with disabilities. Triride has been building this knowhow for more than 10 years, and now the community of users, “Tririders”, accounts more than 15000 people. This is the reason the team is so confident on the safety and the performances of our product and technology because it’s been tested for so long before arriving to the Kobra e-scooter. 


The tubular structure guarantees stability and flexibility, which together with stainless steel SAE 304 ensure the highest resistance. It is therefore designed for the most extreme conditions and, with its exclusive geometry, also has a large integrated damping effect.

There are two versions of the new Kobra e-scooter: the Smart and the Climber. The Smart is equipped with a 350W light motor, while the Climber version has a more powerful 500W hub motor powered by a frame-mounted lithium battery. Both have a 20-inch wheel at the front and a 16-inch wheel at the rear. On a full charge, the electric scooter can reach more than 100 km at a speed of 25 km / h. The climber should be able to cope with inclines of up to 35%, while the Smart reaches the top with 22%.

Kobra, an Italian e-scooter with 100 km of range. Credit: Kobra Scooter

Way forward

Safety is one of the main aspects of the Kobra. The tire’s anti-lock braking system allows you to stop with maximum stability even in the event of emergency braking. In addition, the innovative cruise control can keep the set speed constant and independently adjust the required power on the flat, uphill and downhill, while the battery is being charged.

The Kobra E-Scooter is currently part of a crowdfunding campaign by Indiegogo, in which it is available in the Smart version at a price of 2,170 euros. For the climber version, the cost is 2,480 euros.

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