NDE Offshore- The Swedish Company celebrates 15 years of good work. Lets connect with the COO

The present and future of power generation is and will continue to be driven by new technologies, those designed to increase the efficient use of energy while limiting emissions and supporting resilience.

Developing solutions to solve problems in the energy sector involves navigating an uncertain and ever-changing regulatory landscape, at a time when reliable energy is perhaps more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the economic viability of projects, due to construction delays and supply chain disruptions.

NDE Offshore a Swedish offshore services provider, has a front row seat in the evolving energy market. NDE, which is celebrating its 15th year in business this year, has a strong track record of statutory inspections both above and below the water, installation and modernization work, periodic maintenance, construction support and studies. They have successfully completed combined offshore campaigns where we do surface and underwater work simultaneously.

NDE Offshore was founded in 2005 and has carried out projects in Sweden, Europe and the Middle East. They have offices in Stockholm, the United Arab Emirates and warehousing and service facilities in Germany. NDE’s main business areas are renewable energy (offshore wind) and the oil and gas industry. Its clients include offshore wind farm operators, EPC contractors, transmission system operators and engineering companies.

Massimo Brebbia, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NDE Offshore, in a recent interview with Renewable Energy 2050 talked about their vision and works towards sustainability.

Massimo Brebbia
Chief Operating Officer, NDE Offshore
What is the vision of your company?

Massimo: NDE vision is to create a balanced work space in a sustainable environment, where physical and mental stress are reduced to the minimum, in order to achieve so the organization use tools and initiatives supported by Assessio implementing psychological assessments on a regular basis and offering consulting and support using services provided by organizations like Peacfulmind fundation.

Tell us about NDE’s services and contributions towards making a Greener Earth?

Massimo: We believe deeper changes happen from inside and for this reason we strive every day to provide solutions to our clients operating in both renewables and O&G, using materials, technologies and Ad-Hoc procedures to reduce the CO2 foot print of every operation even the smaller.

“Often we give for granted things because they have always been done in that way, our offices do not have printer or paper. Remote working or remote operations are a key enabler for us in reducing carbon foot print in any industry. For every single man sent on a job, there are two flight tickets, Taxi, Hotel, water consumption. multiply those for the millions of people commuting every day to go to work in a office or a remote working location. There are technologies today allowing control and effective working with less human resource deployment,” he added.

NDE Offshore provides customized, flexible solutions without compromising safety and client satisfaction. NDE can take on a variety of projects. They offer Safe, Quality Assured and Efficient solutions within: Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Survey and Installation. The service portfolio includes: ROV, Diving, Rope Access and Survey.

How has your country’s laws and taxes influenced renewables/electric vehicles segment?

Massimo: In Sweden, due to the increase of taxes of petrol and diesel, as well as increased taxes on company cars that run on these fuels, the change to electric powered or hybrid engines (electric combined with a fuel engine) is changing the segment faster and faster. All car brands now offer electrical alternatives ranging from cheaper cars  affordable for even someone buying a car for the first time, up to the premium segment (Audi Etron for example). With the environmental party in power with the social democrats the environmental issues are very high on the agenda in Swedish Politics.

Where do you see yourself by 2030?

Massimo: We see ourselves stronger and even more committed to renewable energy services, we believe the key is in sustainability. NDE will continue to provide the industry with solutions and innovation implementing EV in the fleet and being an integral contributors to the decarbonization of the energy industry. We have a project to expand services into solar and consolidate our presence in Windfarm. We are developing an interest supporting emerging countries with special projects to create from begin sustainable energy solutions  providing consulting and expertise. “There is the knowledge today not to repeat the past mistakes.” he added.

What according to you has been the impact of Covid-19 outbreak in renewables/EV segment in your country and globally?

Massimo: We found that Europe had a plan and is moving to a sustainable energy shift, however the pandemic imposed an heavy tool on any country, some areas more than others because already in Latin America, South Asia, and Africa may and I reiterate, may be weakened by COVID-19 that their ability to plan, start or continue green energy transitions could be not be really possible due to economical disruption. On the other hand there is a consensus that the pandemic challenges may have fast tracked decisions on the adoption of renewables and electrification of transport in certain countries especially the one depending on oil importations.

Massimo and NDE are working fast towards rebuilding a better Earth and we support the reliable works done by them in the past 15 years with best wishes to grow further towards energy sustainability. Reach out to them here.

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