Indian eBike company Tronx Motors is set to expand in Europe with it’s Smart electric bike “tbike One Pro” in 2021

The Indian company Tronx Motors intends to expand its business in Europe with the tbike One Pro, an electric bicycle designed specifically to address the shared vehicle segment . 

The company has already announced the expansion to 14 cities within its country of origin, which serve as an experience, with an electric bicycle that it can offer at a very competitive price.

The tbike One Pro

Tronx Motors’ business line focuses on managing the entire technical and material structure of a shared bike service within the framework of a B2B ( business-to-business ) agreement between companies . In this sense, it targets businesses such as hotels, online stores and vehicle sharing and product delivery platforms . 

“We focus on B2B platforms, since the B2C market (the one that goes directly to the consumer), is more sensitive to prices according to its nature and volume”, explains Anoop Nishanth, CEO of Tronx Motors, the e-division Smartron bike.

In this scenario, the tbike One Pro, based on the first generation of the tbike one, significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs, as well as reducing the carbon footprint. In India, the tbike One Pro has a starting price of about 670 euros. It has an engine of 250 W and a lithium battery of 14 Ah removable and interchangeable, which allows drivers to extend the travel time to reach your destination safely. With a standard charge of three hours, it can cover up to 60 km without pedaling , using the integrated accelerator and 100 km in pedal assist mode .

The AIOT platform on which it is built allows incorporating several smart features that are very useful for fleet owners, drivers and rental companies. Data can be sent and stored in real time on the use, the distance traveled, the parameters of the bicycle and the wear of the elements, which are captured in the application. It is also possible to lock / unlock the bike remotely and locate it using a GPS tracker. Additionally, Tronx Motors has signed a strategic partnership with BLive, a travel technology platform that offers electric bike tours.